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Coaches Code of Conduct.

Westborough Little League

Coaches Code of Conduct

Westborough Little League expects the following standards of conduct and behavior for its managers and coaches. All managers and coaches in Westborough Little League must sign and adhere to this code of conduct.
  1. Encourage your players to play by the rules. Children learn best by the examples set by their coaches, so applaud play by both teams.
  2. Be a positive role model by showing good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and remembering the real reason for the game: To have fun!
    1. DO NOT ridicule or yell at players, coaches, umpires or parents.
    2. Always show a positive attitude, on and off the field.
  3. Remember that all rulings by an umpire on the field are final. If there is a question on an umpire’s ruling you should call time out and get with the umpire and the opposing coach out of earshot of players, parents and spectators. Once the conversation is finished, get back to the game. Do not continue to discuss the matter.
  4. Emphasize skill development at all practices and continually work to develop less skilled players.
  5. No smoking while coaching. No alcohol before a game or practice. Absolutely NO alcohol at the field before, during or after a game or practice.
  6. Speak positively of Westborough Little League and support the decisions of its respective boards.
  7. Do not hold practices at your residence. Use fields and times allotted to your team by the league.