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Umpires Code of Conduct.

Westborough Little League
Umpires Code of Conduct

Westborough Little League expects the following standards of conduct and behavior of all umpires:
  1. Fairly call the game based on you’re best judgment of the rules (local and nation) as established by the league.
  2. Communicate the rules of the game effectively to the managers, coaches and players.
  3. Respond professionally when asked for clarification of rules and judgment calls.
  4. Treat both teams and all players equally and fairly and ensure the rights of players
  5. Treat managers, coaches, other volunteers, players and parents with dignity. Attempt to pursue positive approaches to dealing with all parties.
  6. Show good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and remember the real reason for the game: To have fun!
  7. Report to the Board any issues or problems beyond your authority or are unable to resolve.