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Westborough Softball: Key Roles on Softball Teams

There are many volunteer roles required to ensure the effective functioning of a softball team.  We have determined that each team should have at least five different roles. Note: Among the many positive reasons for this design, another by-product of these multiple roles is that it allows more parents, who are interested, to help in their child’s formal, softball skill development.


Head Coach

The head coach is the leader of the team and has ultimate accountability for all team operations.  The head coach should have strong, positive leadership qualities that include both consultative and collaborative approaches, along with good communications skills. The Head Coach needs to maintain the spirit of the sport, its inherent competitive Head Coaches report to their Division Commissioner. Head Coaches are primarily responsible for:

  • Adhering to the rules, guidelines and philosophy of, or employed by, the Westborough Softball league
  • Managing the team coaching staff and players
  • Working with Field Director to coordinate fields for practices
  • Selecting practice day/s, time/s and locations
  • Communicating information to the team about practices and games
  • Communicating with opposing coaches & umpires
  • Communicating with parents about their child and the team
  • Keeping scorebook, as necessary by division; Note: this task may be delegated to an assistant coach but its accuracy and reporting is still the responsibility of the Head Coach
  • Communicating back to the league; e.g. scores, standings, player evaluations
  • Planning and leading the practices
  • Developing batting and fielding lineups
  • Coaching the games
  • Handling concerns with the team, opposing coaches, parents etc.

Assistant Coach(es)

Assistant Coaches report to the Head Coach. As needed, an assistant coach may be delegated the role of head coach on a temporary basis for a particular game or practice. Note: This ad hoc delegation is not intended to be more than a rare occasion.  At least one assistant coach is recommended per team.   Assistant coaches are responsible for:

  • Assisting the head coach in practices and on game days.  Partial list of examples:
    • Warm ups
    • Backing up catcher
    • Coaching first or third
    • Helping to run drills or stations
  • Assisting the Player Development Coordinator as requested.  Partial list of examples:
    • Warm ups
    • Helping to run drills or stations
    • Providing individual player instruction
    • Recommending softball homework
  • Additional specialized duties as assigned by the head coach, such as
    • Equipment support at practices and on game day
    • Pre-game/practice field preparation
    • Website administration; e.g. scores, highlights, etc.
    • Practice facilitation

Player Development Coordinator

The player development coordinator is intended to be a distinct role and exclusive; meaning this volunteer should not have another role like the Head Coach or one of the assistant coaches on the same team.  The player development coordinator is responsible for coordinating with the Head Coach and a Player Development Director to ensure that each player is developing their skills to their maximum potential and individual player desire.  The player development coordinator reports to a Player Development Director, but is a member of a particular team’s coaching staff.  The player development coordinator is responsible for:

  • Assisting the head coach in developing appropriate practice plans
  • Helping to facilitate the practice plans
  • Communicating and promoting Player Development philosophy and information to coaches and team
  • Completing Pre-season, In-season and End-of-Season Player Development Evaluations
  • Working with head coach to ensure specialized positions receive appropriate coaching and practice
  • Making recommendations, upon request, to the Head Coach during games
  • Working with Player Development Directors to ensure consistency of player development activities across teams

Bench Coach

The Bench Coach reports to the Head Coach.  The Bench Coach is primarily responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the team during practices and games including:

  • Facilitating the flow of players from one station to the next during practices
  • Ensuring that the girls know their place in the lineup during games
  • Helping ensure that girls are ready for their turn at bat
  • Communicating fielding positions to girls between innings or drills

Team Parent

The team parent reports to the Head Coach.  The team parent is a key role whose responsibilities include:

  • Helping to collaborate on and facilitate fun for the team
  • Coordinating and posting photographs (see Image Use Policy)
  • Coordinating Photo Day for the team
  • Sponsor relations, including season kick-off of team visit to Sponsor
  • Coordinating team parties and fun non-softball activities
  • Facilitating related communication between the head coach and the parents of players, upon request by the Head Coach
  • NOTE: All activities need to be approved by Head Coach, and league as necessary.