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What is Player Development?

While coaches ensure that their team is operating at the highest level, player development focuses on skill development for each individual player on the team. Two years ago the Westborough Softball board of directors unanimously voted to create a board-level position for Player Development Director. This was in recognition of the need for improved focus on development of softball fundamentals throughout the year, across all age levels. Each year has brought new programs, clinics, activities, and tools that both players and coaches use to continually improve their skill level.  


Over 60 Girls Participate in Off Season Clinics!

In the off season, Player Development coordinated a curriculum of activities that enabled all Westborough players to develop their skills in preparation for the spring season. The Board views this as a curriculum, rather than a set of individual activities, because they build upon each other. More than 60 different girls participated in at least one clinic this offseason, and 21 girls did two or more clinics. For parents who have players who participated in any of these clinics and would like to , please email us.


In Season Pitching & Catching Clinics

We are continuing the momentum with in season pitching and catching clinics. These two positions are highly specialized and ​require extra time to develop and practice​​.


Pitching & Catching Clinics

Greg’s Field 5 Sessions: Ma​y ​8, 15, 19


These practices are open to all Westborough AAA,​ ​Majors, and Seniors players who have a desire to learn the positions or build upon their current skill set. Westborough coaches will be teaching fundamentals of each position for both beginners and experienced players.


We ask that you have patience when starting out. Training in these areas can be rather slow, requiring each girl to master a fundamental prior to moving to the next. It can be tedious and requires significant practice, but trust us, it is the best way to help a girl develop without creating bad habits.


We request that each pitcher bring a partner/parent from home to catch for them. If a partner isn't available, we will match the girls up and they can pitch to one another, but they will get fewer reps. ​Catcher's gear will be supplied.​


Softball Skills

One of the most critical skills to learn at an early age is the proper way to throw a softball. Coaches spend lots of time in practice teaching the proper mechanics.


Grip & Body Position

Stride & Arm Motion

Release & Follow Through

Three fingers on ball

Tuck Glove

Release with hand fast & forward

Elbow in high L, ball facing backward

Elbow Close & High

Snap and finish low

Glove and shoulder pointed at target

Ball to the sky



At indoor practices, we showed the girls the following drill which effectively develops the proper mechanics. You can do this drill at home with your daughter to develop the right throwing habits.