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October 2015


Happy Fall Ball!


We are well into our awesome Fall softball season, and on behalf of everyone on the Westborough Softball board, we hope you’re girls are having a great time. It is wonderful to see so many girls playing this season; we have 75 players this season, an increase of 27% (16 players) from last year. As parents, we are fortunate to have so many great athletic/activity options in town. We are thrilled that so many families chose Westborough Softball!


Like any organization, the success of its mission mirrors the quality of effort. Our league is comprised of volunteers; equipment suppliers get paid for products and umpires get paid for time. League representatives, board members, coaches, and other helpers donate their time and energy to make Westborough Softball the outstanding and accomplished league that it is.


An organization run exclusively by volunteers can easily become a quagmire of best intentions gone awry. Westborough Softball does our very best to bring structure and the consistency of a healthy environment so all players can have a positive, fun, and character- and self-esteem building experience. As you can imagine, that is a much bigger task than simply asking parent volunteers to show up and run practices and games. I am thrilled to report that last Spring's survey results demonstrate that we are running this league in a way that pleases many families.


It started with a vision. Some time ago, the Softball board created and unanimously approved our league’s mission statement. It is from this vision that we govern our attitude and approach.


People Want to Know What to Expect

Last year, we took a proactive approach to give more direction and definition to what volunteers need to do help.  We’ve designed the teams to have specific volunteer roles.  As an example, there is a head coach, assistant coaches, player development coordinator and team parent each with recommended responsibility for their specific role. We have adopted the same approach to our recruitment of volunteers for other events like tournaments, fundraisers and Opening Day. Instead of having volunteers stumble over what to do, they have focus on how to contribute and help make things run smoothly.


Parents Want their Kids to be Treated Fairly & Kindly

  • Level playing field: There are numerous deliberate actions and checkpoints we take to make sure there is parity across the teams, both by division and interleague.

  • Personal message: The board created the Player Development program and coaching role on each team to ensure that we are proactively giving players the opportunity to build skills by interest and ability.

  • Team message: The head coach and assistants put the concept of team at forefront to make sure players know that individual efforts create the sum of what they will accomplish together. Winning is not everything, nor is losing a reason to be emotionally wrecked. Win or lose - we celebrate our individual best efforts and our contribution towards what the team achieves each practice, each game, and overall.

  • How the message is delivered: Our board was instrumental in bringing the Positive Coaching Alliance to our community earlier this year and will continue to make it mandatory for our coaches. We support the double goal coaching philosophy. Simply stated, we embrace the power of positivity while striving towards the mutual goals of winning, and more importantly the of teaching life lessons through our sport.


Parents Want their Kids to Have Fun

#1 on the to-do list - Don’t forget the fun: A primary reason we created the role of “team parent” for each team was to make sure that fun was not only at the core of everything we do, but to make sure we had a volunteer exclusively focused on ways to add more fun to the short time we have together each season. Whether it is snacks, pizza parties, “walk up music” for the batters or some other activity, we proactively look for extra ways for the kids to further enjoy themselves while part of their team.


Sliding into Home

By no means are we perfect. This league is dedicated to providing the resources needed to improve our coaching skills, share best practices such as practice plans and game plans, and deliver positive, constructive feedback. We have lot to do, and extra time is scarce. We always ask our players to do their best, and we ask ourselves - as coaches and volunteers - to do the same.

We are role models, and want to be the best we can. That’s why you see many of us go the extra mile to groom fields, repair mounds, have longer (or additional) practices with players, add clinics, find tournaments, create team activities, and more. It’s because we care. We care about our daughters - and yours. We are in this together. We are the community of Westborough! Thank you for choosing Westborough Softball for your daughter.