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Bree Antonelli, 10U Division Commissioner

My name is Bree Antonelli, and am the current 10U Division Softball Commissioner. I am so honored to be part of this organization, and I look forward to working with all of you—and continuing to learn how to best help our girls have fun and develop their softball skills.

My passion for softball began by playing in the backyard with my dad. I then dabbled in different school and town leagues, which led into playing in a few adult leagues. I am a Social Worker by day and specialize in working with children, so combined with my love for softball, I am very passionate about working with our girls! Both my daughters have been in the Westborough Softball Organization for the last five years (one is in 10U and one is in 8U), and they have both improved and developed significantly with the help of our great parent coaches and volunteers.

Over this past year, I have also started helping with coaching, and I am head coaching during this Fall Ball season. We have been learning a lot, and I am truly enjoying working with your girls and seeing them grow and improve with each game and practice. Skills clinics over the winter have also been very helpful to my girls; I have noticed a lot of growth through these clinics, and hope many of your girls will also participate this winter and enjoy them as much as we have!

As your 10U Commissioner, I am available to address any questions, comments, or concerns, and want to be helpful to you in any way I can. I am also in charge of organizing our student umpires for our various 10U games, and have been enjoying working with these girls and their families. In this division, our girls are starting to learn about more competitive play and they are gaining new skills as they work their way up to the next levels of softball. At the same time, our focus continues to be that all of our girls are having fun and feeling good about themselves as they see themselves improve.

Working as a team is such an important part of our daughters’ social development, and I believe softball teaches them valuable life lessons, while at the same time teaching them to be competitive and gain skill in their particular sport. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your families so we can continue to make the Westborough Softball Program a huge success. We strive to involve as many girls as possible—anyone who is interested in playing and having fun is welcome! Thank you for your support.


Jeff Reed, 6U & 8U Division Commissioner

Greetings from 8U/6U softball! This season has been going tremendously well. Volunteers Matt Calhoun, Bree Antonelli, Chris Gage, and player development coach Yvonne Franklin have been waking up every Saturday to host a 9:00 am clinic at Mill Pond for a group of very enthusiastic 8U/6U girls. We currently have 13 kids participating every week doing fielding, throwing, batting, base running, and having a good time. Their improvement is noticeable, and is setting everyone up to have a great start to the spring season.

I coach and volunteer for my children's teams because sports teaches children (and adults) about life and the character required to be successful. I don't expect my kids to be the best players on the field, but I do want them to have fun and build friendships. Coaching also provides an opportunity to spend time with them away from the chaos of everyday life. Like many fathers, I grew up playing sports (soccer, hockey, lacrosse, baseball). Baseball, more than any other, provided time with my dad I will never forget.

Baseball practice was very different from any of the other sports I played. It was a social sport, with lots of time to hang out with friends while being able to practice the art of the sport. The ability to isolate, work on, and improve a single aspect of the game was something I loved to do. Pop-ups, grounders, throwing, bunting, hitting... little space was needed and it often became a competition between my friends and me. Baseball was something I could do easily with my Dad when he got home from a business trip or arrived late from work. This is the experience I seek to give my daughters via softball (and the other sports they play).

I still remember the light in my father's eyes... and my daughter sees that same light in my eyes when she shouts those immortal words (wonderfully captured in Field of Dreams): "Dad! Want to go have a catch?"