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October 19, 2015

Haley and Sydney both are recent inductees into the Gibbons Middle School Writers Hall of Fame. A big welcome from the Around the Diamond staff!

by Haley Thrush & Sydney Breen

All across town, kids said goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year! With all the changes a new school year brings, we also welcome back organized Fall sports.  

In the weeks ahead, we will take you inside Westborough softball with some unique content covering the happenings beyond the games on the field through the eyes of two active players on the 16U team.

We recently asked the players from the Majors and Seniors Divisions to explain what they thought our softball slogan meant: “Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together!”
“Playing hard means to put your best effort into playing. Playing smart means making intuitive decisions that best benefit the team and make the most outs or have the most positive effects. Playing together means that everybody contributes and puts their best effort forwards.”
-Natalie C., 12U
“Playing hard means giving it 105%. Playing smart means knowing what is going on in the field and paying attention. Playing together means working as a team and cooperating with each other.”
-Sarah C., 12U
“Playing hard means doing your best, practicing skills you need to improve on, and giving your best effort all the time. Playing smart means knowing what to do on every play, and covering all the roles of your position. Playing together means as a team and with your team, and having good team chemistry and communication.”
-Makenna T., 12U
“Playing hard means to put in your best effort and try your best. Playing smart means thinking about the game and playing it right. Playing together means working as a team and working as one.”
- Sadie K., Seniors
“Playing hard means staying focused during the game and trying your best. Playing smart means that you have to concentrate on the plays that are happening. Playing together means that teams support each other and play as a team.”
-Sam K., 16U
“Playing hard means playing your best and pushing yourself to the max. Playing smart means knowing the plays and how to act under pressure. Playing together means that your team comes before a win and the game is about the team, not one person.”
-Gracie Z., 16U

There are many ways people think about what “Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together!” means to them—and they are all important. But not only are these lessons in softball, but in life itself!